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2014-present: ExtraOcular
2002-present:  Me or the Moon
2014-15:  Array mbira for The Jellies
2012: Joke on the Sky ep
2010-11: Waltz ep
2008-present:  M.Shelton's Picnic
2007-2008:  Matthew Shelton & the Cat Lovers 
2007:  Cold Water, Hot Blood (an Austin Brown production, available here)
2005-2010:  mbira/shakere for Baoku & the Image Afro-beat Band

Shows of note:

July 31, 2009:  Fountain Square, Cincinnati, M.Shelton's Picnic
April 23, 2009:  Northside Tavern, Me or the Moon w/ Extra Golden
February 13, 2008:  Gypsy Hut, w/Vampire Weekend
March 13, 2009:  Southgate House, Pomegranates cd release show, with Headlights, Enlou
May 11, 2007:  Southgate House, opening for and playing with Daniel Johnston (video)
January 12, 2008:  Publico, with Ariel Pink, Telepathe, CS Yeh, Copy
October 15, 2008: Weston Gallery, Me or the Moon w/High Places, Burning Star Core
October 27, 2004:  Southgate House, Me or the Moon w/Antibalas
April 23, 2003:  Southgate House, Me or the Moon w/Daniel Johnston
April 24, 2002:  Southgate House, Me or the Moon w/Animal Collective, C.S. Yeh

a few others I've shared shows with over the years:
Wussy, Baby Dee, The Sheds, Dawn Landes, Ghost Mice, Paleo, Mimicking Birds, Horns of Happiness,
Pit er Pat, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Ass Ponys, Howling Hex, Sundresses,
Pete Fosco, Hiders, Chocolate Horse, Beatrix Jar, Turmeric, Theodores, Bad Heart Bull,
Happy Maladies, Kris Brown, Peter Adams, Seedy Seeds

1993: Bisty (tape)
1994: Bottomless Pit (tape)
1994: 2 tracks on Maximum Noise vol. 1 (link)
1996: Everything I Say the Wrong Way (tape)
1998: Goner, s/t (tape)
1999: Goner- DrumBedDrum (tape/cd)
2000: Goner- Arkansas (videotape)
2000: Goner- My Magnet (tour tape)
2000-present(ish): Pink Tomb, electronic music
2001: 1st track on terrible Ween tribute album (listen here)

You Ain't No Picasso, 2008
Billy's Bunker, 2008, 2010
And God Rock Us, Everyone, 2007
Citybeat, 2007
Cincinnati Post, 2007
Citybeat, 2004

Cincinnati Entertainment Award nominations:
2004, Me or the Moon, Best World Music
2007, Matthew Shelton, Best Singer-Songwriter
2009, Picnic, best Folk-Americana
2009, Matthew Shelton, Best Singer-Songwriter